Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gainesville People's Pages--Doorway to my new world

My own uncertain leap into the new age-holistic-spiritual-metaphysical community materialized in the 1970s.

I was clueless and anxious about what was happening to me deep inside. I was changing, but into what? I thought I needed a road map to take me somewhere, though I didn't know where, and someone to assure me I was not the only one in the Universe going through this "whatever." I prayed for help. It arrived disguised as a new age newspaper.

There was a natural food store and juice bar called Health Horizons at 627 N. Main Street. I had never been there but decided to check it out since a friend worked there. While waiting for my smoothie, I picked up a funky free newspaper they distributed, called the Gainesville People's Pages. It was truly an artform, like no newspaper I had ever seen. It was published by Andy "Astra" Lopez, of the LIST (Living Institute of Survival Technology), which was owned by Astra's Garden School of Divination and Psychic Development at 1813 SW 23rd Street.

That paper was a doorway into a new world for me to explore. Before long I found kindred spirits willing to share my adventures in consciousness.

Next: A roller coaster ride down memory lane.


janet claire moore said...

This is so great for me to read, Priscilla. It really is a trip down memory lane. I remember many of the places, in particular, Bill Killeen's head shop, where I was the lucky purchaser of a huge floppy hat, and several flowing tie-dye dresses. It was a great place with rock music playing and posters covering the walls-I loved the atmosphere! Thanks for a great read.

Invisible Gardener said...

Hi all, it's me andy Lopez
Also now Invisible Gardener
Check out
Still doing Astra's garden, the list and more.
Nice to read about Gainesville again,
Special place in my heart.